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We are a community invested in designing more accessible and inclusive access to higher education. Our work directly aims to show the impact on essential needs insecurity on learning and thriving.

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Our Mission

To form and support communities that can (re)design inclusive, equitable access to higher education.

About Us

supporting equity in essential needs

We believe it is critical that higher educational institutions make essential needs resources and investments visible and accessible for every student. To do this work, we design and deploy institutional change strategies rooted in user experience methodologies and methods that are trauma-informed and antiracist. Also, we partner with institutional stakeholders on research projects that by design work to make change in higher education. In this way, we try to make students feel SEEN (which stands for Supporting Equity in Essential Needs).

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Our Team

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Ben Lauren

Associate Professor

Lead Researcher

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Kim Steed-Page

Director, Student Parent Resource Center

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Stuart Blythe

Associate Professor in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures

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Bill Heinrich, PhD

Director of Mindset at Orbis

Organizational Change Consultant

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Shannon Kelly

Graduate Student Researcher

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Reggie Noto


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Kaitlyn Nguyen

UX Design Researcher

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